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Yuki's blog

Hello, I’m Yuki! Welcome to my blog :)
I’m an autistic trans girl and like to go on tirades about subjects that I’m passionate about. This blog is an outlet for me to share things about topics I like!

What this blog is about

I’m still working on writing content, so this place is still kind of empty, but I hope you still enjoy the little things I’ve made ^_^

My two main special interests are computers and languages. I study foreign languages at a university level, and spend most of my free time on my computer. I’m by no means what one would call “qualified” to talk about either of these topics, but due to the long time I’ve spent in communities related to those, and the time I’ve spent making things with computers or learning languages, I’ve gained a large amount of possibly incorrect knowledge that I’ll be sharing, much to the dismay of the experts in the rooms

On that note, if you wish to correct anything I may have gotten wrong, feel free to get in touch with the links below ^_^

On top of what I’ve mentioned, I’ve been getting a growing interest for philosophy and thinking about the world. As such, I will likely start blogging about that at some point.
As those topics may be sensitive for some, due to being closely related to the current state of the world, I will set up a content warning system, so that you don’t have to read things that make you sad.

Overall, I want this place to be enjoyable for all, and in case you have any issue with the content on here, feel free to let me know by contacting me through my website!

Other online content

As you may already know I mostly run the website – I’m the so-called “Webmistress”.
As such, you can find my website at! There, you can find up-to-date links to my other social media and means of contacting me.

I hope you enjoy the content here, and that you find some of it interesting! On that note, I shall go write some articles now :D