the kemonomimi blog

nya~! we are gay and proud of it!


Welcome to our silly little blog! We make posts about some of our special interests, and other things we like!
We’re still working on making this place work, so please don’t mind the few issues you’ll encounter, and enjoy the content :D!

We’re working on bringing more features, like RSS support, so that you can follow us from your favourite news reader!
Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, don’t forget to bookmark our site :)

The people here

  • Yuki (she/her) is a French foreign languages student who likes computers and tech, as well as natural languages, linguistics, and philosophy.
    She blogs about those topics, and likes to go on rants about society and thought experiments. Reader discretion is advised, as some content may be related to terrible real world events, and treat of touchy subjects (all content is appropriately CW’ed).


The content and the blog setup (based on Hugo) is available at kemonomimi/blog. Feel free to take a look and steal some of it for your own blog ^_^